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Hormones control many functions in human body, and they deeply affect a person’s metabolism, mood, sex drive, energy, appetite, sleep, strength, and endurance.

Hormones keep you alive!

In recent years, hormone therapy has been the subject of bad press. Of course, everything in the media is about getting attention.

The truth can be twisted in ways to get attention! Beware of what you believe.

Most reports are from studies that used synthetic hormones and combinations that were not natural to the body and its’ state of health.

The NIH study caused the biggest upset in medicine, which led to millions of women suddenly stopping their hormone therapy in fear of getting heart attacks and cancer. What emerged later was that the synthetic artificial, non-natural hormone, Provera, was the biggest culprit in the adverse findings.

Hormones and How They Work

Hormones are created from nutrients. Protein molecules provide the building blocks to making hormones. Both vitamins and minerals attach to these protein molecules to create different hormones. After they have been created, hormones become great communicators. They are chemical messengers that direct every function in the body. From energy and metabolism, to blood pressure and sugar regulation and from how you gain or lose weight, to sex drive and vitality, hormones help keep you alive and feeling well.

The Key to Hormone Replacement Therapy

A Medical doctor sharing information on bio-identical hormones compares how they work to a lock and key. Your standard house key is specifically designed to unlock your door. When hormones are being replaced, they should be identical to the specific hormones that have been lost. Otherwise, it is rather like using your house key to open up the house next door. The lock will reject it because the design cut inside the lock is not identical to the design cut of your key.

Better – A Medical Centre for Complete Living is an anti-aging clinic that provides cutting edge practitioners in the specialty areas of health and wellness medicine. The center is dedicated to looking after the patient’s health, need for relaxation, and anti-aging goals. Calgary Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Natasha Iyer is pleased that she can treat all of a person’s concerns in one convenient place. The staff at Better – A Medical Centre for Complete Living looks forward to helping patients feel and look younger, become more vibrant, and enjoy their best life.

Natasha Iyer’s Model of Complete Health:

The Triangle of Health

The foundation and the first side of the triangle is your physical being. This refers to every part of your structure. Modern medicine does a great job of looking after your eyes, lungs, stomach, feet and everything else that makes up your structure.

The second side of the triangle is your nutritional-bio-chemical-hormonal being. You require nutrients to make and use hormones. You need nutrients to feed every part of your body. You require a balanced biochemistry so your hormones influence your body functions in the best possible manner. And finally, your hormones are the chemicals that keep you alive and feeling well.

The final side of this health triangle is your emotional-spiritual being. When we attend to all 3 sides, you will be as healthy and happy as possible. This is the way we treat patients at Better – A Medical Centre for Complete Living. Our team members have been chosen for their expertise and the attention they give to every side of your highly unique triangle.

Live Your Best Life

Better – A Medical Centre for Complete Living provides discerning clients with an opportunity to approach their wellness by addressing multiple components of health, wellness and beauty. In a medically supervised yet serene environment, you will receive care by certified professionals. They are dedicated to helping you achieve the goals of enjoying a longer, healthier, and more complete life by incorporating modern methods of holistic nutrition, hormonal balance, spiritual exploration, and medical aesthetics into a comprehensive treatment.

Live Longer

As you age, the quality of your life takes on a new level of importance. Functional and Regenerative Medicine is the study of keeping you functioning at your best, using natural and preventive medicine strategies. This cutting edge approach is one of the fastest growing, most advanced fields in medicine.

Look Younger & Look Healthier

When you are happy with your appearance, it’s natural to feel more confident and more appealing. Maybe you’re not pleased with fine lines and wrinkles that are starting to appear. Perhaps acne scars trouble you. With an improved appearance, your confidence will soar, allowing you to experience further success in your career and personal life.
Anti-aging skin treatments and specialized protocols can slow down aging, helping you to look younger and feel more youthful again. Microdermabrasion and customized skin treatments will give you the radiant glow you’ve been missing. But these treatments are not just for women. An increasing number of our satisfied male clients have discovered the benefits of these treatments in our clinical, yet comfortable and discreet environment.

Worry No More

Never worry about burnout and stress again. Stress accelerates aging and has been linked to a higher risk for cancer, low immunity and burnout. Stress is also a large contributor to lower productivity in the workplace, and it affects both employers and employees. But you don’t have to let stress control you. You can learn how to harness the power to manage and control your stress. A Healthy Living or Stress Reduction program designed specifically for you is the solution to being the best at work and in your personal life. We also offer a special Employers program to help you retain your key employees: improve their health, enjoyment and productivity. Just e-mail our team for more information.

Look As Good As You Feel – Or Even Better

Your appearance is a direct reflection on you and your health. How you represent yourself sets the stage for your quality of life and how you are treated. That’s why how you look on the outside is so crucial to your overall health and wellbeing. Our extensive range of skin treatments and aesthetic solutions can help you look your best every day. From your head to your toes and everything in between, we have the treatments to keep you looking amazing and feeling amazing.

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